Best Online Marijuana Delivery Websites

For stoners, shopping for marijuana has never been easy has it is today. Most online marijuana marketplaces are aiming at customers, with apps that allow you to browse your nearby dispensary to make an order, and have the delivery within a couple of minutes or hours. Although different firms brand themselves differently, the premise is same. However, it is worthy to note that the market place for marijuana is rather fluid with more states and countries legalizing its use. In this guide, therefore, we discuss some of the best online marijuana deliveries that you can trust.

  1. Eaze

Founded in 2014 in San Francisco is known as one of the best and reliable for their deliveries. In fact, Eaze has a software feature in their app with a GPS tracker. This helps you see how close your buds are. Besides, the software has inbuilt features that help safeguards and verifies patient a patients identification and medical records. All their deliveries are made from the proposition 215 compliant dispensaries and take less than 30 minutes from any connected device. Currently, the firm only delivers marijuana in San Frisco with full legalization taking effect in California, we might seem the firm moving in there too.

  1. GreenRush

The San Mateo-based company, not only wins the tagline game of “Buy Weed Online”, they actually fulfill it and are considered one of the dominant players in the online marijuana delivery sector. Notably, greenRush casts their nest wider than Eaze. They service cities such as California, Oregon, Colorado, and Nevada.

  1. Meadow

Founded in San Francisco in 2014, Meadow has raised over 2.2 million dollars in total funding. The company differentiates itself from others by offering more than just acting as an online marijuana delivery. They are seeking to develop multiple tech solutions for the marijuana industry. Besides its online marketplace, the firm has a launched Meadow MD, a platform that is aimed at connecting doctors and patients for evaluations, while at the same time acting as a point of sale, delivery, inventory among others.

  1. Cali Xxpress

Cali Xpress is priding themselves as a home of the $99 ounce! But do they really leave to that promise? The answer is yes. Cali Xpress marijuana delivery is one of the highly recommended online shops. They never disappoint. They carry some of the most popular strains across the bay area such as the Green Crack, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies and Bubba Kush. You can review their menu in order to shop for the latest brands in the market.

  1. Cannabse

Founded in 2013 in Colorado, the company was acquired by the cannabis software company Helix TCS. It is one of the largest and oldest cannabis wholesale platform representing 72 percent of all the cannabis licenses in Colorado. In partnership with the BioTrackTHC, the company is powering their negotiation dashboard, real-time search maps, and the wholesale market place.

Summing Up

Online marijuana delivery is on the rise. As well, scammers are also on the rise. Always perform a research about the company’s reputation before ordering marijuana from them. In addition, it is worthy to always stick to the prescription given.