Can a Chiropractor Cure Scoliosis?

More often than not people have problems with their back and they are not aware that they might either have early stages of scoliosis or that they have been in an injury that can be fixed with a chiropractor.

The age-old question is can a chiropractor fix scoliosis and depending on who you ask, you might get mixed answers. The truth is that scoliosis is completely treatable, but then the question is how do some people have different answers when it comes to treating their scoliosis?

We will explore the answer in the article below

What to expect

The expectation is the one thing that many people, who go to treat scoliosis, have set too high. When you go to visit a chiropractor, you need to keep in mind that depending on the seriousness of your back problem you will have to dedicate a lot of time and financial resources to treatment. Treating scoliosis is an ongoing issue, and most patients think that it can be fixed within only a few sessions, but the truth is it can’t. Having the right approach to treating this issue can be the difference between a positive or a negative experience. Don’t ever trust anyone that promises you a quick fix to your back problems, as every respectable chiropractor will tell you that it will take time, but YOU WILL HEAL.

Important to remember

Another thing that is important to remember when going to a chiropractor is that not all chiropractors have the same experience. Your scoliosis issue might be out of the range and capabilities of the chiropractor that you are visiting, and you might want to seek one that has had a decade or two of experience. This professional chiropractor in Tempe AZ has 15 years of experience so make sure to give him a call if you need an experienced chiropractor.

Steps to treating scoliosis

So, what are the steps that a chiropractor takes when he embarks on the journey of treating your scoliosis? Well, every doctor first looks for joints that are stuck, for stiff areas and for signs of unhealthy posture when it comes to your back, neck and other areas.

Before the doctor can begin the true treatment the spine and the joints need to be re-positioned in the right place. This may take some time, but once your brain gets used to the new position of the spinal joints and the use of muscles in that position you are on your way to treating scoliosis.


  1. Spinal rigidity

The first step is to find the rigid spot on the spine and start there. The tension that is being placed on the nerves needs to be elevated during the first steps as this will take us to the next step.

  1. Sensorimotor integration

Sensorimotor integration is a medical term that points to your brains communication with your muscles and the rest of the body. Re-training the brain to adopt the new position of your joints and the new way of muscle use is what is by some doctors considered as the hardest part for their patients.

Repeated tests that will force the patient to understand his newly required ways is needed to simplify this transition. Professional chiropractic care for scoliosis can work magic in the long run

  1. The chiropractic treatment

Here the patient is subjugated to a series of positions and adjustments that will place the joints in their rightful place, elevate the pain, and release the tension. This step is usually done repeatedly for the best results, and it requires a long time, depending on the seriousness of the injury or state of scoliosis.

  1. The dedication

This is usually neglected by patients as they think by going to the doctor that it’s the doctor’s sole responsibility to fix every issue. Even though that is one of the main factors, also an important factor is the dedication of the patient to listen and do exactly what the doctor tells them to do. Imagine if you wanted to quit smoking and while you were in the hospital you did what you were told, but once you got home you started smoking again. Of course, that the treatment would not have any results in that case. It’s the same with treating scoliosis. You have to have patience and dedication in order to persevere through this issue and believe us you will win this fight.