Cancer Prevention Vaccines

Scientists and doctors from all around the world are all banging their heads about what else they could do to win the next fight in the war against cancer. Right next to HIV, cancer is still taking numerous lives each day. We have invented a lot of useful medical ways how we can fight this horrid disease but still, people are dying from it every day. If only there could exist a vaccine that could lower the risk of getting cancer or even better, simply prevent it from ever happening.

It should be a vaccine that could protect the patients from all known types of cancer. The HPV vaccine might be the solution that we are looking for. HPV stands for human papillomavirus vaccine and it has been in the regular circulation since 2006. It is a way how people can protect themselves from all kinds of cancer. It is an effective way of fighting some forms of cancer while it greatly lowers the risk of ever getting one. In fact, it is the most effective weapon against cancer and the only one we got so far.

The whole thing about cancer is revolving around the key aspects of metabolic control of cell growth. This revelation gave the scientist to whole new aspect on how to deal with a disease and thus, they have created a vaccine that can actually prevent cancer from maturing and growing. It can greatly decrease the numbers of lethal outcomes in people who had problems with this plague of modern society. With the first positive results, it was clear right away that the world was on the verge of the greatest medical discovery.

A new hope is at hand

This gave the evidence to the pharmaceutical companies and they realized that was the right moment to start investing in this research to develop the medicine that will be able to help people lower the risk of cancer, as well as, help those who have it but in the early stage. It revolutionized the way how we treated this disease and gave us hope that it is possible to eventually find a cure and save countless lives all over the globe.


Unfortunately, a problem occurred with the vaccine being spread all over the world. Lower and middle income countries had difficult times getting these vaccines because of two factors: availability and price. These countries expressed nothing but acceptance for the vaccine but faced other problem with the distribution and pricing.

And this is a big problem because 85% of cancer occurs in those countries and they are the ones who need this vaccine the most. Only by making sure that the vaccine is available and affordable to all, we will strike a deadly blow at the heart of this ominous disease that has been killing mankind for a very long time. We are on the verge of finding a cure, all we need now is to find a way how to make it available.