How To Use The Radial Filter Tool In Lightroom

Today, I want to talk about my favourite photo-editing tool- the radial filter. It is designed to edit various isolated areas of your photograph. Its role is especially important when you need to add an extra pop to your images without affecting the composition of the shoot. After selecting the area to adjust, you can choose from a variety of adjustment options from the dropdown list to assist you to get your look of choice. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to use a radial filter editing tool to enhance images.

Why Use A Radial Filter?

Most image editing tools adjust the full image. However, a radial filter allows you to modify a particular area on your photo. It is a useful editing tool since there are several times when we require to edit one specific area and leave the others unedited.


Where Can You Find A Radial Filter?

A radial filter is a lightroom editing tool that is located on the right side of your Develop Module under the bar chart. It is situated between the graduated filter and the brush tool. After selecting the radial filter, you can apply it by clicking and dragging it to the are you need to edit on your photo.

The position, size, and shape of the radial filter can always get adjusted by pulling the filter circle to a different location or using the minute pins located on the outside of the radial filter circle.

Choose from Preset Filters and Brushes

When utilising a radial filter, you can choose from various preset filters and brushes in your batch. You can use any brush as a filter and any filter as a brush. This feature is excellent as it offers you full flexibility when administering adjustments.

Utilise the Invert Mask

The radial filter includes an invert mask feature that enables you to decide if your adjustments will apply to the inside or outside of the circle. The changes get applied to the outside your ring by default. By clicking the Invert Mask prompt, your adjustments will get applied inside The Circle.

Get Rid of Some of The Unwanted Effect You Have Created

A radial filter gives you the ability to remove more of the effect you have created past the constraints of the filter circle. After selecting the radial filter, select the brush option. It opens a new brush part of the radial filter. A brush is meant to add an extra effect on your image. But if you want to remove some effect on your photo, you can utilise the Erase selection located next to the brush.

After applying various Develop effects using Radial Filter in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.0 Beta

Understanding how you can use a radial filter is very beneficial. It can help you adjust the exposure on your subjects and correct the tone of the skin for newborns, or even to counterbalance sunburns when taking family pictures on the beach.

They can also be used to add an extra blur to the background or emphasise your subject. Understanding how you can make adjustments to particular parts of your image without using tools like Photoshop can save you much of your valuable time. I hope that this guide has given you an overview of how to use the radial filter to take your editing to a higher level.