How a Healthy Diet can Prevent Cancer

Eating a balanced and healthy diet every day can help you to regulate your blood pressure, level of sugar and keep a healthy and normal body weight. This is very important for your overall health condition because obese people suffer many health issues and obesity is the second biggest problem in the world, right next to cancer.

Being overweight can actually cause cancer just like eating all sorts of unhealthy junk food can cause cancer. Of course, if a person suffers from an early stage of cancer, eating healthy will not prevent the disease. However, eating healthy can prevent cancer from happening in the first place.

Your diet directly affects risks of getting cancer. Salt-preserved foods, red and processed meat, all of these can increase the risk of developing cancer. On the other hand, some foods like foods high in fiber, vegetables, and fruit can reduce the same aforementioned risk.

It has been medically proven that diet has been closely related to several different types of cancer like bowel and stomach cancer, lung and larynx cancer as well as upper throat and mouth cancer. With all this in mind, it would be really good to know which foods raise or lower the risk of cancer. It is a known fact that fruits and vegetables are healthy and eating lots of them can reduce the risk of not just cancer but all sorts of diseases in general.

Fruits and vegetables

In this particular case, this kind of a diet can reduce risks of lung, throat and mouth cancer. Both vegetables and fruits should be an important part of a diet of every man. They are more than excellent source of minerals, fiber and vitamins. They will also keep your weight down to normal as they are very low in calories. Of course, no one should eat only fruit and vegetables, you need other foods but, you should eat them at least once a day.


People who eat lots of red meat and other processed food such as sausages, salami, bacon, and ham are at risk. People avoid any notion of fruit and vegetables and think that the only real food is meat and processed food. So, lamb, pork, beef minced or frozen or fresh, if you only eat these foods, you can significantly increase the risks of cancer.

However, there are some meats that are not considered harmful or linked to an increased risk of cancer. Fresh white meat like turkey or chicken, including fish, do not increase the risks of cancer and these meats go into the category of healthy meats. Basically, it is really simple.

If you only eat processed food with lots of chemical additives, you risk developing a cancer of pancreas, stomach and bowels. This is something to think of because if your diet is based on such foods, you will be facing some hard times for sure. Regulate your diet, avoid processed foods and you will remain healthy guaranteed.