How to Choose the Best Teeth Whitening Service

Are you interested in getting your teeth whitened, but you don’t know what method to choose? There are many ways you can make your teeth whiter. They all have different effects, and the techniques range. The main difference is in the way you apply the treatment on to your teeth.

The three different types of techniques are over the counter methods, home application, and professional whitening. We will go over some of them so you can know what options are out there.

Over the Counter

First of all, there are a lot of toothpastes you can buy, either in commercial stores or in specialized dentistry shops, which you can apply daily on to your teeth. The toothpaste itself can range in the intensity of the whitening process; make sure you apply the treatment regularly. Beside the toothpaste, you can also use a gel for whitening and teeth whitening service in Scottsdale.

There are also mouth rinses that have the same effect, due to a small amount of peroxide. Although, some scientist say that the rinses have the least effective influence because they are applied on to the teeth for a wary short time.

Pre-made whitening trays can be uncomfortable because they are not customized for your jaw. This doesn’t mean that they have no effect; you just have to bear the discomfort for some time.

The most famous self-applying treatment you can get, are the whitening strips. They are applied to the teeth for two weeks, 30min a day. The effect t usually lasts for four months.

Home Application

This method is a nice way to achieve a more lasting effect, with the aid of a professional. What this entails is that a dentist makes the whitening trays customary four your teeth, and then you apply the whitening gel at home by your self, for the prescribed time.


This treatment is good for people that have more sensitive gums, because of the gel. The level of peroxide is low, and it will not have an effect that is equally strong like when the dentist does it in his office. But you will see a transforming image in front of the mirror.   

Professional Whitening

Although the techniques for whitening teeth that you apply by your self at home are effective, when we go to a professional dentistry office your options are increased. Besides this, the effect is more dramatic and noticeable after an hour of treatment. There are two reasons for this. First of all the gel that is used is much stronger than the one you can get in commercial stores. Besides this, they have other techniques they can use to effectively remove stains from your teeth. These techniques include lasers and specialized water brushes.

The biggest factor that will determine what method you will choose is your financial ability and the state of your gums. Make sure you look into the product you are choosing, and it is always useful to ask a professional for their opinion. You don’t have to get their care, but maybe they can recommend something that’s more in your price range.