How to Recognize Early Signs of Oral Cancer


To detect oral cancer you can talk to your doctor or dentist. Either way, if you follow the development of these symptoms you might be able to recognize it at an earlier stage. Pay attention especially if the symptoms last for more than two weeks. It is crucial for you to detect it earlier as it will increase your chances of treating it right.

Some symptoms include a sore throat, any form of irritation in the mouth, lumps or swellings in your mouth, throat, jaw or lips. Discolored patches in the mouth of white or red color. If it is difficult for you to swallow, chew or simply move any parts of your mouth, such as your jaw, tongue, lips. Pay attention if you feel numbness in the mouth region. Even if you notice problems with hearing or develop ear pains it can be connected to the mouth region.


To detect oral cancer you need to have a test which is painless and easy to do. This is important to do from time to time because it’s very important to begin treatment early. Cancer can spread fast and if it is in a place such as the mouth it can affect other parts of your body in no time. Both doctors and dentists can perform the test, and many dentists do this during a general dental check-up.

Overall Check-up

If you need to check your teeth you should go to a general dentist. General dentistry deals with prevention of diseases and helps to keep you from further development of diseases.


Oral cancer can badly affect other aspects of your health. For example, it can induce dental problems. You should make sure that your dental health is seen to before having to start your cancer treatment.


Once you’ve started your treatment be sure to keep a regular check-up schedule with your dentist. Go in once a month for an examination. What is more, make sure to wait a month after your dental procedures to actually start cancer treatment. Give your mouth time to heal.

A helpful tip can be to ask your healthcare workers for advice on how to reduce symptoms or pain, and what to do regarding possible side-effects. Also, find out if there is any financial aid available for a case such as yours. Maybe there are programs that provide you with transportation, home care or emotional support for you and your loved ones.

Florida Residents

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Treating oral cancer can be very challenging for patients. If detected early, oral cancer can be treated surgically or with radiation. If it at an advanced stage, it can be treated with a combination of therapies.

This is why patients with cancer should get the best treatment possible and get themselves the best care and healthcare workers they can find.