Is Lasik Eye Sugery Worth It?

Eye surgery is one of the most intimidating things one could think of. Known also as ocular surgery it is no stranger even to our ancient civilizations. Since sight is a very important part of our lives we’ve always looked for a way to improve it or restore it if something goes wrong.

Eye Surgery

Eyes are sensitive organs which require care before and after surgery. However, some surgeries are not as complicated and tough as others. Common eye problems treated with surgery include farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Also known as myopia and hyperopia, nearsightedness and farsightedness can be dealt with easier nowadays than ever before. Lasik surgery provides you with the treatment you need.

Lasik Surgery

Lasik stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis and is a wonder of the modern age. It makes your vision clear and keeps your eyes unharmed.

In most of the cases, this surgery is painless and done in less than twenty minutes. Your improved vision will be available in a matter of days. It can even be in the next 24 hours.

Your doctor should be the one to make the decision on which technique is best for your condition and which types of procedures you should go through. You want to always leave it to the professionals. Some Atlanta Lasik surgeons have earned a reputation for being experts beyond compare. If you’re a resident or live nearby try getting some professional consulting.

You can correct your vision or make your condition less dependent upon glasses and contact lenses. Either way, your life will be changed after the procedure.


Expectations and Reality

Your doctor will do a detailed examination to determine your eye condition. The examination includes establishing the shape and thickness or our cornea and your pupil size, what condition you have – nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism – as well as any other possible condition.

It is completely painless in most cases. The patient will receive a few eye drops which will numb they eyes and thus prevent any sensations which might be uncomfortable. You might even get some pills to make sure the pain won’t occur.

Your eyes will be kept open with special instruments and a laser will be above your head. Your eye movement will be prevented and the surgeon will make marks with an ink marker. The surgeon will also use the computer to make sure all measurements are correct.

You will look at a specific target light for some time while the doctor looks at your eye through a microscope. The laser will send pulses of light to your eye. What this part does is that it reshapes your cornea. You might feel some pressure during this process. You can also hear the sounds the laser is making. This is done separately for each of your eyeballs and it takes a few minutes on each.


You’re probably wondering how much does Lasik cost? Well, it is actually quite affordable, especially if you think all the money you’ll save on glasses, contacts and eye doctors in the long run. It is between 1500 and 2500 dollars per eye.

Considering the benefits you get from this surgery, this is a really small price to pay. You will be able to improve your eyesight and live life as everyone else. So, don’t mind the cost and make the first step as soon as possible.